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25 Ft Garden Hose

This 25 ft. Garden hose is an expandable and versatile water hose. It can be used for both garden and water sports purposes. The spray nozzle allows for perfect spray every time, while the 50 and 75 ft. Versions are great for larger applications.

Light Weight Garden Drinking Safe New

1/2 in. Dia x 25

By Element


25ft Ultra 3x Stronger Expanding Garden Hose

Pocket Hose 25ft Ultra 3x

By Pocket Hose


With Spray Nozzle

Latex 25 50 75 100

By Unbranded


5/8'' X 3,5,10,25,75ft. Lightweight Drinking Water Safe

Kink Free Garden Hose

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Lightweight Kink Free Garden Hose

This lightweight, flexible outdoor water hose is perfect for kink-free garden ecosystems. It has a flexibilty to allow plants to move and move, and the 1001ft length of this kink-free garden hose means it can be used in any direction. The color is a light blue that will match any garden scene. the pocket hose silver bullet water hose is the perfect size for growing plants in your garden. With its expandable body and silver bullet-style design, this hose makes water easy to get to everything in sight. Plus, its cold weather rating makes it perfect for keeping your garden on the frazer-smith safe. the teksnor apex zero-g garden hose is a great choice for those looking for a heavy-duty garden hose. It is 25ft long and is stainless steel for durability. It is also equipped with a spiral construction which makes it more efficient and durable. the flexzilla garden hose is a lightweight drinking water safe that is 58x35102575ft. It is also a water resistant kink free system making it perfect for busyletcher and rural applications. This kink free system includes a water delivery system that easy to read textured lines and a light weight of just over 100 pounds makes it easy to carry and use.