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Garden Hose Electric Valve

Introducing the newest addition to our garden hose line-up! The galcon auto irrigation watering valve is a top-of-the-line tool for controlling water watering for auto crops. This valve is equipped with a 34 solenoid control, making it easy to open and close, and also giving you great control over wateringsystems with ease. Plus, the solenoid control 24v dc latch makes it easy to open and close even when wet, making this a great tool for keeping auto plants water-starved.

Garden Hose Electric Valve Target

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Best Garden Hose Electric Valve

This is a garden hose electric valve hose nozzle clean household water washing yard sprayer. This is avalable for use in a high pressure car washer or dishwasher. The valve is used to open and close the hose at high pressure. It's a cool-drip valve, that allows water to be brought to a boil under pressure. When the water reaches a certain point, it will start to flow and will/can be used to irrigate. the orbit 3-piece metal garden hose nozzle set fire nozzle turret rear trigger. Will help keep your garden in condition with its ease of use and performance. This garden hose electric valve is a must-have for those who love to grow their plants in the garden. this electric valve is perfect forshut off water flow in the event that water is present but not required during flush. The heavy duty brass design ensures that this valve is properly sealed andadooperatively.