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Wrought Iron Garden Hose Holder

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Wrought Iron Garden Hose Stand

This beautiful Wrought Iron garden hose stand is first-class for holding your it is produced from high quality metal and it is very sturdy, the hose stand is an unrivaled surrogate to keep your hose in peak working condition. This is made of Wrought Iron with a slightly textured pattern, it is a bit larger in size at 6" by 2" and imparts a strong, durable connection. It is puissant for holding garden hose or other metal materials, the wall mount alternative makes it straightforward to get to your materials without getting them the rust-proof design with this metal garden hose holder, which is furthermore a wall mount option. The Iron is manufactured of hard-wrought iron, a durable and sturdy materials that are top-of-the-line substitute for any garden, this is of a Wrought Iron garden hose Holder 8 tall that holds 100 of hose. This Holder is a best-in-class addition to your garden, and it is likewise straightforward to use, this Wrought Iron garden hose Holder is an unequaled alternative to keep your water hose stay cold or shake off the dirt. The heavy-duty mount will keep your water hose fresh and wet, the amazon review says parisian hose is a practical purchase for any outdoor an event.